Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Duck, duck, no goose!

Look at the juicy duck - yum.

So much has been written about the 'Duck Nazi' of Blackburn (previously Fitzroy) that there's little more to say than just go and enjoy the duck. If you like the pantomime well and good, if not, let the duck reign supreme!

 Back in the days of Matt Preston writing for Epicure, before he turned to the dark side - television, he deemed the best roasted duck was to be found at Quanjude's in the city but as I haven't yet made it there and Simon's Peiking Duck restaurant is just down the road from home I'm happy to have my regular duck fix at Simon's (when I'm not eating duck in more exotic locations, such as KL last week!).

One book's by the number of people as per usual but also by the duck! One duck (1 duck = $55.00) between three is about right for most although I know plenty who would argue one duck between two! Besides the duck skin with home made pancakes (12 in the standard package), spring onion, cucumbers and special plum sauce, a second course consists of smoky stir fried bean shoots with duck meat and to finish a duck bone broth with bean curd is served. And I can't tell you about anything else on the menu because I only go for the duck.

A feast for a duck loving family,  a shared meal with a host of friends or fun for a couple - enjoy but there's no just rocking up, you'll need to book ahead.

Simon's Peiking Duck Chinese Restaurant 
197b Middleborough Rd Box Hill South 
 (03) 9898 5944

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  1. Hehe I used to dine at the Collingwood one all the time. But Mr Duck Nazi left there and opened the one you visited. Between my friends and I, we'd have 1 duck for 2 persons. And if it's a table of 7, we'd order FOUR ducks!! LOL

  2. I love the Peking Duck in Old Kingdom, Smith Street but you have to ignore the really old shabby interior and bookings must be made days ahead. Didn't like the Peking Duck at Quanjude although I've only tried it once.

  3. Quan Jude is decent, but they do not have the best Peking Duck in my opinion.

    I loved Old Kingdom on Smith Street and am looking forward to having dinner at Simon's this weekend :D