Sunday, March 4, 2012

No black sheep to be seen!

Sorry for the pun, just can't help myself sometimes, even though I know it will get me into trouble. I'm regularly told there is no place for clich├ęs in good writing.
Three Bags Full is a delight. The drizzle outside had us sitting inside but no bother as the setting is open and spacious, a bit of a treat for popular cafes which tend to be jam packed shoulder-to-shoulder dining. The decor is modern albeit with a hint of retro - the sugar bowls from an earlier era - my mum had a set of these ramekins, black on the exterior and shades of the 60's on the inner - burnt orange, mission brown, old bath green.

Our brunch was fresh and tasty, a plate of seasonal summer salads  including barley and corn, pea & feta fritters topped with beetroot cured salmon (very pretty), avocado, rocket & dill sour cream. Ample size portions for the price and importantly the service is as it should be - efficient and warm. All good really.

I was tempted to take a little of this place home with me and there was plenty to choose from waiting at the till upon bill paying but I resisted the cakes and preserves vowing instead to crank up my own relish or jam production. Three Bags Full on Urbanspoon

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  1. A gf and I were planning to come here for brunch tomorrow, but we ditched it to take advantage of the express lunch deal that's happening in participating restaurants around town. Ah, next time! (can't wait too - the food looks good!)