Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eating in India

So I'm having to break all the health advice rules because the best food I've had so far has been that sold by street vendors. The road side Dhaba's and street Chaat vendors usually specialising in one or just a few freshly made dishes far exceed the restaurants I have tried so far. One of my favourites is aloo tikki, a fresh potato cake fried crisp on the concave grill but still creamy potato on the inside, topped with sweet daily made curd from buffalo milk, a tart tamarind sauce and pungent mint chutney, a few chickpea's scattered on top and some fresh coriander - now that's my idea of fast food! And of course at less than 50 cents it could be tempting to snack all day. Luckily I have so many other experiences to keep me busy, like visiting the Taj Mahal!