Sunday, May 22, 2011

Where's the chickpea's?

Its lunch time and a salad with a bit of equilibrium sounds like the go rather than the more substantial chicken focaccia come burger that MDC ("my dining companion") has ordered. But once our plates are sitting in front of us I feel like my choice was just not right, mine seems a little 'light' and those fries on the other plate look tempting. Now that's when I know there's really something wrong - when fries look enticing!!!  That's not to say I can't be persuaded to indulge in a bit of fried spud, but not those out-of-a-bag skinny numbers. I'd already been silently dismayed when the customer on the next table ordering a bowl of such for her lunch, its not just the health aspect, its just the lack of culinary balance! That's it balance, there must be something missing! The attraction was the combination of roasted pumpkin, roasted parsnip, rocket and chickpea's topped with saganaki (grilled haloumi). Just a minute where's the chickpea's?  

A  quiet word with the waiter who suggested a replacement salad, which I didn't think was necessary although I did agreed when offered the missing legumes, and my salad was as it should be. I like the fact that the mistake was dealt with efficiently. Don't forget the chickpea's, I love the nutty creaminess of these little guys. And  if anything had to go I'd ditch the parsnip, it was a little on the 'woody' side. The chicken in the focaccia was delightfully smoky which combined well with the turmeric flavoured yoghurt, a nice change from mayo. (The fries where crisp and 'clean' tasting).

... and I'd heard that the Vanilla slices where a hit, so decided to take a couple home to share for supper. I can see why they are popular, more creamy than custardy makes for a decedent texture but I do think the pastry needs to have a little more 'crunch' and I'm a fondant lover so icing sugar just doesn't make the grade not to mention the 'dusting' one gets upon consumption.

Station Street Cafe,  26 Station Street Nunawading
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